Jack Tours & Travel is one of the leading Tour Operators & Travel Consultants in Bandung and have been catering to the travel needs of tourists visiting Bandung & Jakarta.
We offer an attractive price with amazing Bandung tour to our guests who want to explore more about culture, life style, shopping, golf and scenery.


In many tours in Bandung, which is run by JackTour, JackTour is a tour operator in cooperation with a variety of travel agents from outside of Bandung, in Indonesia and from other countries who work together with jacktour for tour in Bandung.

Many people say that the tour bandung rates offered by JackTour.Com very cheap, it makes sense, because:
  • Bandung Tours cheap because it is managed directly from Bandung,
  • Reservations and tour price is processed by an integrated system, performed with high efficiency, thus making the price cheaper Bandung tour.

The advantages use bandung tour with jacktour:
  • Reservation is processed automatically by the system, including a variety of promotions, pricing Bandung Tour. For those of you who want to get lower prices for Bandung Tour promotion, follow a variety of promotional programs that are available, or make a reservation early. Many people get our Bandung Tour promotion rate with the lowest rate in Bandung.
  • The integrated system, so that the interaction between consumers, agents who cooperate, Jacktour staff and partners through an online system. Making it easier for all parties to interact and setting bandung tour.
  • all communication occurs through the reservation system was recorded in the system. thus expected to minimize the miss communication between parties involved in running the services. For those of you who are interested in getting information about Jacktour promotions, Jacktour services as well as other information about bandung, you can join the facebook Jacktour.Com Bandung.

In this article we present some important information related to the Bandung tour that you may need to be known by the tourists before the their travel to Bandung:
  • Bandung Tour packages
  • Bandung Tour Favorite Destinations
    • Bandung Volcano Tour
    • Bandung Shopping Tour
    • Bandung Culinary Tour
    • Bandung Activities and Events
  • Bandung Tour Information
    • Bandung Event Activities
    • Bandung Tour Blog
    • Bandung Tour Booking Information


We provide services bandung tour which you can choose based on your needs. From various bandung tour packages are available, We offer an attractive price with amazing Bandung tour packages to our guests WHO Wants To explore more about culture, lifestyle, shopping, golf and Scenery.

Many tourists come to Bandung, and use the services of JackTour.Com, among others apart from Indonesia, also from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and others. Direct bookings via jacktour or through our partners from different cities and countries. Generally, our Bandung tour customer come directly from Bandung Airport or Jakarta Airport. So is the tourist who came from Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bali, Medan, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and other cities that have direct access to Bandung. While that does not have direct access to Bandung, generally the turist come from Jakarta Airport, then we pickup them ont Jakarta Airport.

Bandung Tour Package is a kind of tour that has been chosen by the customer due to simplify Bandung trip for the tourist, considering Bandung Tour usually prepared based on the user's choice for their activities in Bandung.

Regarding for tour where starting in Jakarta, not in Bandung. For those of you who need information about Bandung Tour Packages starting from Jakarta or end up in Jakarta, please check on our package or contact jacktour staff.


Favorite destination of the tour Bandung packages are generally tour bandung volcano and Bandung Tour Shopping. Both are best bandung tour destination for tourists, domestic and international. Besides the Bandung Culinary, Bandung Activities and Events.


Bandung Volcanoes are the best of Indonesian Volcanoes especially for the general tourist. Indonesian Volcanoes in Bandung are Tangkuban Perahu Volcano and Kawah Putih. Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano near the city, it only takes about 40 minutes from Bandung. We really suggest you to come to those places and included it your travel to Bandung. Bandung Volcanoes are nice to visit.

Why would best be said for Bandung tour? and why we suggest you to put Bandung Volcano Tour as part of your Bandung trip? In following the Bandung Volcano Tour, you can go straight to the site using the vehicle, you can see the beauty of Bandung Crater up close. Of course this will streamline your time and energy into the place.

With time not too long, you can continue a variety of other itinerary on the same day for fill your Bandung Volcano trip, such as visiting bandung tea plantation near Bandung volcano.

is a vast expanse of tea plantation, tea plantation can be seen as stretch of carpet. You can include the Tea plantation in Bandung for your travel to Bandung, whether to Tangkuban Perahu Bandung Bandung or Kawah Putih. The location between the volcano area with tea plantation in Bandung is quite close.

Here are some links that may make you know more about Bandung or Bandung Volcano Tea Plantation. You can visit our Bandung tour Blog: Kawah Putih, Bandung Tea Plantation, Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung


Many international tourist says shopping in Bandung cheap and quality stuff too. Since hundreds of years ago, Bandung was known as a fashion city in Indonesia, so-called Bandung Paris van Java. People also hunt a variety of needs in this city. Finally, Bandung was a paradise for shoppers. And, Bandung shopping tour was favorite.

Bandung has quite a lot of Factories in Bandung, in particular from famous fashion brands. Likewise with the Bandung Factory Outlets is widely known among the tourist for shopping places. The famous places for factory outlet shopping in Bandung is in area of Factory Outlet Jalan Dago, Factory Outlet Jalan Riau, Rumah Mode Bandung. Besides, Cihampelas wich is famous as Cihampelas Jeans Street, Cibaduyut famous as Cibaduyut Shoes Center in Cibaduyut Street. Most of our Bandung Shopping tour also came to those places.

For Further information, you can read it in our bandung shopping blog at


It could be said in Indonesia, Bandung is the place kind of comprehensive and easily accessible food. Various types of food as a culinary very many variations are available in Bandung. Both the local specialties from Bandung, then Indonesia, and even food of other countries. Western Food, Chinesse Food, Fast Food, Malaysian Food, Indonesian Food, Sundanesse Food, Padang Food, etc. Even though Bandung far from the sea, fast food was easy to find here. The food was delicious. Eventually become Bandung as the city of Culinary in Indonesia. Bandung Culinary tour and also a favorite.



what kind of bandung today activities when you come to bandung? Check it at
You can see current activities, or activities to be held later by the event organizer. Of course, these activities can be part of your itinerary in Bandung. Activities arranged and displayed on the site per day, so you can see roughly what activities there are in Bandung later, even though these activities take place for next three months from now, or more. They will show you there. You may need the information that they provide, especially for your tour bandung.


In addition, Jacktour.Com also provides hundreds of pages of information about Bandung in "bandung tour blog", at

This may also be able to add the information and material for your research of your tour to Bandung or bandung trip.


For those of you who already do the booking at Jacktour, each book has its own reservation code. By using the access code provided, you can see detailed information Bandung tour. Various information relating to a booked tour bandung shown on the integrated systems, from hotel reservation, transport, details of bandung tour itinerary, and other special requests.

We hope that the various information contained about Bandung Tour on this page can help you determine the plan of your Bandung trip.

Bandung Tour Package by JackTour.Com

Jakarta Bandung Tour (4D3N)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Jakarta Bandung Tour (4D3N)

Bandung Volcano Tour (OneDay Tour)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Bandung Volcano Tour (OneDay Tour)

Bandung Sightseeing (OneDay Tour)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Bandung Sightseeing (OneDay Tour)

Holiday in Bandung (3D2N)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Holiday in Bandung (3D2N)

Bandung Golf Package (4D3N)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Bandung Golf Package (4D3N)

Bandung Holiday Trip (4D3N)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Bandung Holiday Trip (4D3N)

Bandung Tour Package (5D4N)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Bandung Tour Package (5D4N)

Bandung Package (6D5N)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Bandung Package (6D5N)

Jakarta Bandung Tour (5D4N)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Jakarta Bandung Tour (5D4N)

Kawah Putih Explore Tour (OneDay Tour)
Rate perpax starting from 0 IDR, about 0 USD, 0 SGD, 0 MYR.
Check Detil of Kawah Putih Explore Tour (OneDay Tour)

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  nathan, 02FEB2019 at 21:43 Says:
how much transportation for 5 pax to kawah putih. pick up atairport 1.30pm. drop at airport at 7.30 pm. pick up to kawah putih, tea break, shopping, drop airport
  Michael Pang, 16DEC2018 at 09:56 Says:
I am organising a holiday trip for my members. I have 80 pax and will be staying at Sensa Hotel. We plan to visit Tangkuban Perahu and Domas Crater, Tea Plantation and lunch at Floating Market on 26 Feb 2019. These are some places we were recommended to visit. You may also propose other places of interest. We have the entire day of 26 Feb. We will only depart for Singapore on 27 Feb.

In your quotation, please also include hotel to airport transfer on 27 Feb 2019. I will advise the time nearer the date as we have not purchase the air tickets
  YS Lee, 25NOV2018 at 21:11 Says:
We have 2 adults and 2 kids (8&9 years old)
Will be in Bandung between 3-5 Dec.
please suggest a private tour itinerary and your quotation.
  ingrid, 29OCT2018 at 16:22 Says:
Pl suggest ..Kawah putih, trus ke area mana aja dalam 1 day trip . Berapa haraga per pax, kami berdua. Kalau gabung dengan org lain brapa orang ? utk tgl 6 November 2018

  Aliza, 06SEP2018 at 00:34 Says:
Hi,We are family (4A 1 Kid) looking for private grpup tour in Bandung on 3/12 - 6/12 2018. Can you provide suggestions of interesting scenic, shopping and fun tours for 4 days. Please email us your itenerary and price. Thank you.
  Mr.HARI, 05SEP2018 at 13:42 Says:
Bandung travel dates 6SEPT 2018 to 9SEPT2018.
Pls watsapp me the Bandung Tour .
I will staying at Hotel Amaroossa,Bandung.
  meixin, 23AUG2018 at 21:45 Says:

We are 2 adults travelling to Bandung from 1-4sept 2018. We would like to enquire on quotation from 2-3Sept covering the following locations if possible: Kawah putih, day hike to Mt. Padadanyan (Tegal Alun), sun rise at Keraton Cliff, tea plantation. Thank you!
  Kala Arumugam, 20JUL2018 at 15:25 Says:

I am travelling on a free and easy basis with my mother and two daughters for a 4 nights 5 days stay in Bandung. I've basically booked my accommodation and just need to arrange tours while I am there. Can you provide suggestions of interesting scenic tours for at least 3 days and with a corresponding quote.
  Bee, 17JUL2018 at 13:31 Says:
Hi,We are (2A 3 Kids) looking for private grp tour to North and South Bandung on 22 & 23/8. Kindly watsapp me your tour and price.
  shita (, 20MAR2018 at 15:15 Says:
Dear Hui Fen
Greetings from Bandung

Thanks for contacting our website :)
Shita already reply to your WhatsApp
Please kindly check ya,
Thank you


  Hui Fen, 20MAR2018 at 06:36 Says:

I would be in Bandung from 16 Jun 2018 to 19 Jun 2018. I understand the dates coincide with Hari Raya Puasa holidays. I wonder if there are tours available on 17 Jun and 18 Jun to North and South Bandung. Thank You!
  shita (, 04MAR2018 at 13:37 Says:
Dear HuiLi
Greetings from Bandung

Thanks for contacting our website :-)
We already reply to your email

Please kindly check ya,Thank you

  HuiLi, 03MAR2018 at 15:35 Says:
I will be in Bandung on Mar 18-22 and will be travelling alone. I am interested in the Bandung Volcano Tour.
Please advise. Thank you.
  lucia, 15FEB2018 at 21:28 Says:
I need informations for our next trip.
  Asep Cahyadi (, 13FEB2018 at 14:57 Says:
Dear Vincent Soo
Greetings from Bandung ~

Thanks for contacting our website :)
We already send quotation to your email.
please kindly check.
Thanks for your appreciate
Greeting to your family and friend there.
Have a days. :)


Asep Cahyadi
  Vincent Soo, 12FEB2018 at 21:19 Says:
Dear Sir/ Madam,

Pls quote for 4D3N Bandung tour all inclusive (hotel, 4x meal, ticket, tipping, parking, etc)

2 adult + 2 children (6 & 9 yrs old)

Prefer 26/5/18 to 29/5/18

Hotel prefer, 3/4*

Pls give me your best price

  shita (, 04FEB2018 at 18:08 Says:
Dear Billy Ong,
greetings from Bandung

Thanks for contacting our website :-)
I already reply thru your email
please kindly check.
thank you

  Billy Ong, 04FEB2018 at 15:29 Says:
We are planning to visit Bandung 07//04/2018-10/04/2018
Please advise 4 days 3 nights itinerary or 3 days 2 nights itinerary for 6 persons.
Appreciate your advise.

Billy Ong
  Loh Yong Lee, 27OCT2017 at 12:03 Says:

We plan to visit Bandung during 23 Nov 17 to 26 Nov 17.
Interested in your 4D3N tour package.
Pls quote me for 3-4 person what is the cost of the package. With and Without Hotel.
We are looking at min 4* Star Hotel.
  shita (, 11SEP2017 at 17:59 Says:
Dear Beverley
Greetings from Bandung ~

Thanks for contacting our website :-)
I already reply thru your WhatsApp
please kindly check.
thank you

  Beverley, 11SEP2017 at 12:35 Says:
Looking for family-friendly packages in Bandung. No hotel required, only ground tour inclusive of china town, kota mini etc . Dates : 08-11oct for our Malaysian guests 2 adults and 2 children
  shita (, 09AUG2017 at 21:48 Says:
Dear Ana
Greetings from Bandung ~

Thanks for contacting our website :-)
I already reply thru your Email
please kindly check.
thank you


  Ana, 09AUG2017 at 15:29 Says:
Hi there,

We are planning to go to Bandung on 14-17 December 2017. Our plan to visit Tangkuban Parahu, Kawah Putih, Floating Market, Dusun Bambu and few places for shopping.

We need transport and English tour guide for group of 20 persons. Please quote us the best rate per person.

Thank you,
  shita (, 26JUL2017 at 17:17 Says:
Dear Sarifuddin
Greetings from Bandung ~

Thanks for contacting our website :-)
I already reply thru your Email
please kindly check.
thank you

  Sarifuddin, 26JUL2017 at 14:52 Says:
My family and i (3pax) are planning to go to Bandung for 5 days 4 nights end of August. Will all the attractions and shopping places be operated as usual? I also planned to visit Jakarta for one day. Need transportation & driver as guide. Please advice on the cost and itinerary. thank you.

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