Vio Hotel Cihampelas Bandung

Jl. Cihampelas 108 - Bandung 40116. Bandung

Vio Hotel Cihampelas Bandung
Unit Rate

Unit Name Guest Room Week day Week end High Seasons
Long Week end
Cozy 2 1 call call
Comfort 2 1 call call
Classy 2 1 call call
Trivio 2 1 call call
cozy 2 1 call call
Comfort 2 1 call call
Classy 2 1 call call
Triviio 2 1 call call
Comfort 2 1 call call
Comfort 2 1 call call
COZY (24-26 dec) (30 dec 2 jan 2016) 2 1 call call
Comfort 24-26 dec &30 dec-2 jan 2016 2 1 call call
CLASSY 24-26 Dec&31 dec-2jan 2016 2 1 call call
TRIVIO 24-26 dec2015 &30 dec-2 jan 2016 2 1 call call
Cozy 2 1 call call
Guest: No of guest in each unit or number of Breakfast for each unit. Room: Number of room of each unit. Call: please call us to know this rate. Every booking should be reconfirmed by to this hotel, specially about rate and room availibility.

Room Booking

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Number of Guest Adults Children
Check-in date
Length of stay Nites
Room type Number of unit Units
Other Request
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Reservation notes:
  • Free for Booking
  • Free pickup from Bandung Airport to Vio Hotel Cihampelas Bandung
    - Free pickup provided by JackTour.Com for booking starting from 3 units of more
    - Number of guest to pickup by as the number of guest for unit reservation
    - Free pickup depend on transport availibility
    - Please check about Free pickup to our staff after you received your reservation code
  • Any rates of your hotel reservation will be reconfirmed by our staff to the hotel its self at your hotel booking process
  • Rate Condition Full payment in advance. More details, you can get it after you get your reservation code
  • No cancellation fee until the latest of payment date
  • Where there is no payment until the latest of payment date, your booking will be cancel automatically by our system
  • Latest of payment date will be inform to you after we get confirmation about your room availibility and rate confirmation from the Vio Hotel Cihampelas
  • Please compare other Bandung hotels rate here.

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