Tour Package :

Kawah Putih Explore Tour (OneDay Tour)

Kawah Putih One Day Tour, Strawberry Farm, Situ Patenggang, Tea Plantation.

Promo Rate Transport
starting from
75,834 IDR/pax
About 6 USD, 8 SGD, 24 MYR

Itinerary of Kawah Putih Explore Tour (OneDay Tour):

> Pick up at hotel
> Visit Kawah Putih. The volcanic crater lake is magnificent with sulfur, as well as cool cool air to boot.
> Visit Glamping Lakeside. This place is incredible with a unique Pinisi restaurant that shaped like an arc and right in front of the patengan lake.
> Visit Kawah Rengganis. Natural crater that has distinctive characteristics, white sand and crater water that is always changing. You can boil an egg from the water of this crater.
> Lunch at Saung Gawir. A special Sundanese restaurant with Sundanese atmosphere and traditional food.
> Visit Tea Plantation. Green everywhere. Such a refreshing place for getaway from big and busy city.
> Dinner at Siera Cafe. A place where you can eat and see the beautiful Bandung City Light while having dinner. Bandung panorama view with 8,5 million peoples surrounding what they called The Most Creative City in Asia Pacific.
> Back to hotel and relax

Notes for this trip:
Please consider for bus usage, bus cannot entrance to the white crater (kawah putih), guest will use public transportation provided by local tourism management (Kawah Putih Tourism Management).
- please consider surcharge for highseason, longweekend.
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Name of contact
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Tour Leader

- Checking rate is Free
- No Cancellation Fee
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  Karine Vanstechelman, 12AUG2018 at 15:47 Says:

We are staying at Bandung the 11 September.

We are with two persons .
We would like do the trip to the Kawah Putih Explore Tour.
What is the price for us please.
Best regards

Karine and Yves
  Jojo, 05AUG2018 at 21:10 Says:

We are interested to have both the volcano tour and kasha Putih tour in one day. Can we work out a schedule with your recommendations.

Looking forward to your replies

  Mohd Saiful, 23JUL2018 at 07:32 Says:

I would like to book the Kawah Putih Explore Tour (OneDay Tour) on Friday 10th Aug 2018 for 1pax.

I am interested to join a tour group, if any.

Pickup/Drop-off: Pasar Baru Square Hotel Bandung,

Looking forward to your help. I can speak Malay and little of Indonesia Language

  herprit, 13JUL2018 at 09:37 Says:
Hi Can We do the volcano tour and Kawah Putih tour in one day. How much are the charges for private tour for 3 people.
  Véronique Derenette , 05JUN2018 at 11:48 Says:

We want to come to Bandung in September and we are interested in the Kawah Putih tour. What is the price for the tour with and without a gide? Is the entrance of Kawah Putih included in the price?

Best regards,

  Ahmed, 06MAY2018 at 03:58 Says:

I will visit Bandung alone. May I know what is the price for Kawah Putih Explore Tour (OneDay Tour) for one person including transport/entrance/meals on 16 august 2018.

another question: is it also possible to visit Kampung Naga village?

  Shh, 05MAY2018 at 20:03 Says:
Hi, I am travelling alone to Bandung. May I know what is the charge for the tour to kawah putih on 13 may, only one pax
  monique rombach, 23APR2018 at 14:32 Says:
we would like to know the cost for the tour for 2 persons.
could you also send me a specific plan of the tour.

  shita (, 19MAR2018 at 23:43 Says:
Dear Grace
Greetings from Bandung~...

Thank you for visit our website :)
Shita already reply thru your email
Please kindly check yaa ...

Thank you

  Grace, 19MAR2018 at 17:43 Says:
Hi i’d Love to join your tour on Wednesday March 21 but am only one person - would this be possible?

Please reply via WhatsApp with the phone number listed above as soon as possible. Thanks!

  Arlinda Febrian (, 25FEB2018 at 19:15 Says:
Greetings from Bandung~....

Dear Kris...

may we know destination that you want to visit?
oya, you can contact us through WA number in +62812227050 for more information.

Glad we can help you and see you :)


  Kris , 25FEB2018 at 17:25 Says:
I’m travelling alone. Do u cater for single passenger and what is your charge?

  shita (, 15JAN2018 at 22:18 Says:
Dear Shirley
Greetings from Bandung~...

Thank you for visit our website :)
I already reply thru your email
Please kindly check yaa ...

Thank you


  Shirley, 15JAN2018 at 21:11 Says:
Please quote 1 day tour to kawah putih on 22 feb 2018 for 2 pax.
  shita (, 08JAN2018 at 10:20 Says:
Dear Enq
Greetings from Bandung~...

Thank you for visit our website:)
I already reply thru your email
Please kindly check yaa ...

Thank you
  Enq, 07JAN2018 at 23:02 Says:
Thank you
  Enq, 07JAN2018 at 23:00 Says:
I would like to know how much it cost for a day trip to Kawah Putih Tour.
2 persons in the month of January.

Please list the itinerary. All locations and estimated time that is suggested for each location so that the different locations can be covered in the tour.

Also, please list
1. cost of driver (inclusive or exclusive of meal, and cost of meal if I need to pay for it). The cost difference between non English speaking driver and English speaking driver. Does the driver act as the guide as well?
2. cost of vehicle (inclusive of petrol)
3. type of vehicle
4. number of hours of tour
5. pick up and drop of location
6. any difference between a weekday (Monday to Friday) or weekend (Saturday or Sunday) tour.
7. list ALL other charges. Entrance fee, tips, parking fees, any other transport fee and ALL other fees that may occur.

I do not wish to have any confrontation or unhappiness for the driver or my side.
I wish for all cost to be listed up front.
  Asep Cahyadi (, 01JAN2018 at 21:07 Says:
Greetings from Bandung~...

Thank you for visit our website
We already send message to your email
You can check first, thanks for your appreciate.

Thank you

Asep Cahyadi
  BK LUR, 01JAN2018 at 20:23 Says:
I plan to have the Kawah Putih Explore Tour (OneDay Tour) with my wife on 12-Jan. I did check rate, and see that it is 950,000 IDR / pax. I don't understand the "Promo Rate Transport starting from76,250 IDR/pax" isn't transport is included? does the two are separate package, one with tour guide, one just transport?
  Julie, 27DEC2017 at 08:13 Says:
Hi, I wonder if I can join Kawah putih day-trip today? We are two people and will arrive in Bandung around 11AM, but is it still possible to go to Kawah Putih for a day-trip? Thanks.
  shita (, 24DEC2017 at 14:03 Says:
Dear Sumin
Greetings from Bandung~...

Thank you for visit our website
I already reply thru your email
Please kindly check yaa ...

Thank you

  Sumin , 24DEC2017 at 09:23 Says:
Could u please let us have a quote for the 1 day tour for the Kawagishi Putih tour.
There are 3 of us, for Friday 29 Dec.
  shita (, 28NOV2017 at 21:52 Says:
Dear Veronica
Greetings from Bandung~...

Thank you for visit our website
I already reply thru your email
Please kindly check yaa ...

Thank you


  Veronica, 28NOV2017 at 20:05 Says:
I am keen to join a tour that includes Kawah Putih, Kopi Luwak and Tea Plantation. We are 2 person. How much will this cost?
  shita (, 27NOV2017 at 20:17 Says:
Dear Wenna
Greetings from Bandung~...

Thank you for visit our website
I already reply thru your email
Please kindly check yaa ...

Thank you


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